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GenX Creative Studio is a venture of GenX Escalade CloudSuite Private Limited.

We are India's renowned Creative Website Designing and Development company based in Noida, India and Birmingham, UK. The company was founded by Mr. Jetesh Prasher in 2008, named as GenX 3D, In 2017 it is re-named as GenX Creative Studio. We specialize in Website Designing, Website Development, E-Commerce Website Development, Template Designing, Logo Designing, Brand & Corporate Identity Design, Cloud Based Applications and Mobile App Development.

We make beautiful things that works. We design, develop, and deliver. We make websites, logos, mobile apps, cloud based apps and brand identities. We are good, passionate, and honest. We are GenX Creative Studio.

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Our Skills

We're building better connections between
brands and people through purposeful design, skills, experience and technology.

With a diverse range of skills and experience, we work as partners with brands of all shapes and sizes, helping to craft memorable digital experiences. We dedicate ourselves to the creation of high quality products, whether it's websites, e-commerce stores, mobile apps, logo designs, brand identity design or cloud based apps.

Website Designing
Website Development
Ecommerce Website Development
Logo Designing
Brand and Corporate Identity Design
Mobile App Development
Cloud Based Application Development


We strive for perfection, involving the entire team in developing the project to the core, offering our services with uncompromising quality, innovation and creativity.


We look forward to making every business reflect its digitized version in the most creative and innovative way, helping all in their journeys while we touch the tip of success.


We work bringing everyone on the same page and making sure our clients stay content with our services, maintaining a positive ambience at the workplace.

Meet Our Team

We are a team of creative professionals who believe in coming together is a beginning
keeping together is a process and working together is a success. The top shelf of our business is creative work so why not enjoying doing it

Jetesh Prasher
Founder & CEO

Ankur Sharma
Co-Founder & COO

GenX Creative Studio