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Why Choose Custom Website Development Over Template Design?

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While working on templates can sound more economic than having a custom website, there are more negatives than positives to it. Price is one of the most important factors when it comes to having a website but one cannot overlook the fact that a website is a one-time investment. We, at GenX Creative Studio believe that a website must be developed in a way which brings endless business. Only when the foundation of the website would be strong, changes can be made to it in the future.

Given below are a few key points as to why a custom website must be chosen over template designs:

  1. Unique designs- A customized website, as the name says, brings with it the USP of uniqueness. It is as robust as it can become, but at the same time, it’s equally creative; whereas a template design cannot be creative as it’s the fundamental design which would’ve been used in innumerable websites already.
  2. Flexible to changes- Unlike a template based website, a custom website can be changed as per the requirements of the clients. E.g. A website offering the best e-commerce & real estate website development services would wish to bring changes to the portal every now and then.
  3. Not much difference in price- There is not a huge gap between the prices of the two types of websites; hence it’s always wise to go for a custom website. As a custom website comes in varying prices, it wouldn’t be a surprise if it would cost less than a template based website.

Having mentioned all these points, it’s quite clear that if one goes ahead with development of a customized website, it would be equal to bagging a great deal. When it comes to inculcating a factor of innovation, it’s hard to believe that a template based website can offer it. Even if a person would approach one of the best website development companies in India, a template based website would still remain a template and would carry with it the expected disadvantages. Only a custom website can assure creativity and innovation in the project.

Why should one go ahead with a website for a business?


Synonymous to a business, a website is the one thing everyone aspires to have these days. No business is virtually complete without a website. Having said that, it’s of utmost importance that the website should be creative and innovative, else it would become just another thing on the internet. In order to hit the target audience and bring them on board, one need to get into client’s shoes so as to understand his/her part of the story. GenX creative studio is here with the importance of a website development.

With a wave of digitization lately, most people seek a creative website for their businesses so that the business can be taken to an altogether another level. A website not only expands the reach of the business but also makes it easy for the businessman to analyze if the developed website is focused on the desired audience or not. Post the analysis, multiple steps can be taken in order to retain the customer base and serve them effortlessly.

Websites come with innumerable advantages. From easy maintenance to cross-platform capabilities, a website is the one medium to offer wings to one’s business. Once a website has been developed, it can always be updated for newer content and creatives to build a rapport with prospective clients. It increases the accessibility of the service being offered by the concerned business. With no closing time as in shops, a website stays open for all, 24*7 to help the clients with their queries. It facilitates better relations with the clients and makes sure they stay connected to the business. One of the most important things that a website offers is a platform to showcase your ideas; be it anything, you can always tell everyone, bringing in credibility and much required appreciation from all.

Websites can be developed using different platforms like WordPress, Majento, PHP, Java etc but the result must always be appreciative. Offering the best websites developments in Delhi/NCR, we make sure every website that we develop is user friendly and interactive; even if it’s a static website, we try to develop the best possible reflection of the business. Helping people in initiating their digital journeys, a website is a stepping stone towards achieving success. Explore more about our work & website development services.

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Why should one go ahead with a website for a business?

Synonymous to a business, a website is the one thing everyone aspires to have these days. No business is virtually complete without a website....